Friday, February 12, 2010


I tend to be very impatient. I want a lot of things and I want it all right now!

Currently, my wish list includes the following:

1. Complete decorating my daughter's room.
2. Become an amazing photographer.
3. Scrap all of my photos beautifully.
4. Keep my house ready-for-company-clean at all times.
5. Supplement my children's learning at home. (I just purchased some used grammar textbooks)
6. Send out amazing hand-stamped/crafted greeting cards to friends and family for all occasions.
7. Buy a Canon 7D and $900 lens to complete my photography goals.
8. Find money to complete #7.
9. Lose 10 lbs. I really mean it this time!

I'm exhausted and depressed just thinking about this list. So what do I do? Sit on the couch in my pj's blog hopping of course!

Why can't I be one of those people who just wakes up ready to tackle the to-do list with gusto? Why am I always too tired or too busy picking up dog hair and random dirty socks to even begin my wish list?

Well, one excuse I can offer is that we've been preparing for the 20th annual Wax Museum event at Tom Cox Intermediate school. I've heard of these wax museum projects at other schools, but neither of my children had participated in one of this magnitude before. My daughter, Emma chose to be Louisa May Alcott. She did the research, typed up the info on my laptop, made the display board and put together the outfit. We all were a little annoyed at the whole process and none of us here at home really wanted to give up a night at home to go to the wax museum event at school last night.

I'm so glad we rallied and went! Some 140 fifth graders piled into the building and lined the halls in their finest costumes and impressive display boards. We parents paraded down the halls for about an hour and were amazed at the dedication the children showed as they remained museum-still in their characters. We're already plotting what character my son will choose in two years. I'm thinking that a military figure will be a natural choise. Easy costume, too.

Of course, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I was limited by the flourescent lighting and drab concrete walls. I really wanted to capture the fact that there were so many dedicated participants, but keep the focus on my daughter. I managed to grab this shot quickly as I followed the herd of parents down the hall. My daughter is trying not to smile.


Back to my wishlist. I don't have any great layouts to show right now, but I did manage to pick up a gallon of paint for my daughter's room.

Let's hope I can rise and shine tomorrow and shed the pj's and get going on that list!
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Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

I TOTALLY understand! I have a list JUST LIKE YOURS, only a few things are a little different, but the "company clean house" is on there for sure. I just can't seem to get that underway having four children ages 6 and under. As fast as I pick things up, they're throwing new stuff down! Hope you wake up with gusto tomorrow! ;)

macnart said...

I can't remember if writing is in your educational/skill acquired background, but I always enjoy reading your entries. It's like I picked up a magazine with a must read article.

Karol's Kraft Korner said...

What beautiful pics you take! . .Love the ones of the kids and animals . . I can just imagine how beautiful your scrapbooks probably are!