Thursday, May 06, 2010

I stamped because...

...I had to! Mother's Day is coming up and I had no Mother's Day cards! I whipped up two extremely simple cards that I cased from a swap card I received years ago. I won't go into details about the cards I made because it's not my design, but I thought I'd share how and where I store my cards.

My mother loves antiques and furniture, and she passed that love on to me. I bought a secretary for our first home 10 years ago and I have to say that it's one of my favorite pieces in our house. I never really used it though until recently. I finally decided to bring down all of my finished cards and put them in the secretary along with my address book and stamps. I love it! It's a system that really works and my husband uses it too!

As much as I love my little stamp room, it's usually a mess and I'm not very organized in it. When I brought my finished cards down into the living room, it was much easier to pick one out, address it and send it out!

Have you sent any cards out lately?

Monday, May 03, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy


I tend to go overboard most of the time. I get these crazy ideas and projects in mind and then I eventually abandon the project altogether.

My garden is an example of that. I had this crazy idea that I'd turn a corner of the yard from a weedy eyesore to an English perennial garden complete with water feature. Not gonna happen. It so happens that I hate weeding and maintaining such a garden.

I am really good at growing roses though. They are relatively easy plants despite their reputation for being difficult. Roses and I get along quite well actually. Last year I planted several rose bushes in the backyard and they are doing pretty well now. I also have a few tomato plants and I tossed in some delphiniums that I saw at Lowe's last week.

I'll never have that idyllic English perennial garden, but my little rose garden in the back yard makes me happy.
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