Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Fun Part of Moving... buying new furniture! Woo hoo! This beauty is coming from NC this evening! I can't wait! All of my blue and white transferware is sitting patiently on my dining room table waiting to be showcased in this hutch.

What's even more fabulous is that I found this piece for 50% off! Drexel Heritage just happened to be clearing out stock. woo hoo!

It will go in my keeping room and that should complete the furnishing of the new house. We had most of the furniture we needed from the old house, but we did need a few new things.

More pics to come once I get the hutch accesorized!
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Moni said...

Hey! That's a beauty! Want to see pics of the room! I'd be happy to sew little zipper bags for church or fun. My sewing stuff's not unpacked yet, but we are getting there. Funny our Spring and Summer were mirrors (except IKE!) The kids worried about you guys! Glad you are well!

Tish Treadaway said...

I hope the move and transition is smooth. I love your new furniture!

Carolyn said...

excited for your move and new fun decorating, am confused; what is a keeping room? will have to follow your blog