Monday, January 11, 2010

So many pictures, so little time...

Well, since it's a new year, I suppose it's a good time to finally scrap those wedding photos. Note: I've been married for almost 12 years! My mom was visiting for a week, so we sat down together and each made an 8x8 album of the big day.

Here's how we tackled this big project:

1. Gather supplies. I have been gathering silver, black, white and all sorts of glittery goodness for this album for a few months now.

2. Gather the photos. We had duplicates of many of the photos and for the rest of the photos we scanned or just divided up photos that were basically the same. Since we had a family member take the photos, we didn't need to worry about getting permission to scan.

3. Make an outline of what photos would go on which page. I'm an outline girl. I always gather my thoughts before I dive into a project like this.

4. Rather than scrap each page starting with page one, we picked the background papers for each page and slid them down in the page protectors with the corresponding photos. We did this because we were sharing supplies and I wanted to make sure that we each got to use the papers we each wanted to use. My mom's and my pages varied slightly.

5. Once each page was planned and started we dove into the fun part of putting the pieces together and embellishing. We didn't finish the whole albums, but it's all downhill from here since the hard work is done. I sent my mom home with her partially finished album and plenty of embellishments to finish her album and I'll finish my album here in the coming weeks.

I am really enjoying the 8x8 size format. I was surprised that I couldn't find as many choices in that size, though. We finally found 8x8 albums and refills at Archivers in Katy, TX. We are using Pioneer post bound albums that are covered in linen with a windown in front for a photo.

The picture above is from my mom's album. Nothing too fancy, just my portrait. On my laptop screen here, I'm noticing that my hair looks really red. It's not. I'm more of a strawberry blond. I guess my photo lightening on Picasa caused that strange coloration.

I'll post more pics over the next few weeks.

Supplies used in the album include:
Making Memories Wedding papers and embellishments. Various other brands of paper, various butterfly punches including the new Stampin' Up emboss and cut butterly (love it!), assorted ribbons, jewels, pearls and much more.

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