Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is here!


Well, it's finally looking a little bit like spring here. The weather is rainy and warm, the roses are showing signs of growth, and the grass is starting to green up again.

In NC, Spring rushes in with tons of blooming trees, daffodils, and all sorts of colorful displays. Here in TX, there's just a general greening up of the grass, and a few redbuds. I did see one lone dogwood tree yesterday in bloom and it made me so homesick. Dogwoods are my favorite! One thing we do have here is wildflowers. Tons of them! I have seen tons of these little yellow flowers and in our neighborhood there was a small patch in the median on the main road through the hood. Much to my daughter's dismay I dragged her out for this photo shoot. We were lying in the median as the afternoon rush hour traffic whizzed by.

I love this shot. Although my daughter doesn't really appreciate these photos now, I hope that someday she'll look at these and see what I see: a beautiful young girl growing into a beautiful young lady.
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Liz said...

Beautiful picture Vera! Nice composition and lighting (do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?)