Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Update and a photo


Well, after my last frustrated to-do list post, I've managed to get quite a bit done! My daughter and I did paint her furniture, and what a difference it makes! When she was a toddler, I had painted her bedside table and armoire a pale pink and she had faux painted walls with murals, etc in her room. A dreamy garden theme. Well, she hates pink now! So we painted her furniture an eggshell white and it is so calm and clean now. She's even keeping her room clean! Woo hoo! Now, I need to make her bedskirt to bring in a light blue and then we'll paint the walls a pale blue.

As for the picture, let me say that in my family, none of us are that photogenic. We're just not the kind of people who always take great pictures. We all have sensitive eyes, so everytime we go outside for photos, we're all squinting!

When I took this pic I was going for something completely different, but when I loaded the shots onto my computer, this little gem caught my eye. There's no editing on my photos by the way. I'm still learning photography. I'll get to the editing part later this year.

Any stamping or crafting going on around here? Nope. In fact, my craft room has been empty and lonely for weeks. No action up there. I've been itching to do some die cutting. I think I'll go to splitcoast and see if there are any challenges to get me back in the saddle.

Have a great day everyone!
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