Monday, May 03, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy


I tend to go overboard most of the time. I get these crazy ideas and projects in mind and then I eventually abandon the project altogether.

My garden is an example of that. I had this crazy idea that I'd turn a corner of the yard from a weedy eyesore to an English perennial garden complete with water feature. Not gonna happen. It so happens that I hate weeding and maintaining such a garden.

I am really good at growing roses though. They are relatively easy plants despite their reputation for being difficult. Roses and I get along quite well actually. Last year I planted several rose bushes in the backyard and they are doing pretty well now. I also have a few tomato plants and I tossed in some delphiniums that I saw at Lowe's last week.

I'll never have that idyllic English perennial garden, but my little rose garden in the back yard makes me happy.
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S said...

What a lovely bouquet! I think you are too modest.