Sunday, July 15, 2007

Didn't wanna come home

I just got back from the beach, and I didn't wanna come home!!! On the recommendation of some stampin' friends, my family visited Fripp Island for the first time. I grew up visiting North Myrtle Beach back when it was quiet and and quaint. My dad grew up vacationing in N Myrtle as well and still goes there, but I just don't like it there much anymore. Too busy, terrible traffic, a little dirty, etc.

So, we drove out to Fripp not knowing anything at all about it. It took what seemed like forever to get there because we kept driving past a whole lot of nothing. All you see is marsh and lots of bridges going over rivers. I loved the scenery! So serene and untouched! You can't build huge condominiums on marshland!

We finally got to Fripp Island and it's beautiful. It's a resort island and everything is lush, tropical, and meticulously maintained. We rented a house on the back of the island overlooking an unspoiled view of the marsh and intracoastal waterway. Fabulous!
We'll be going back next summer and we're considering staying for two weeks next year!

We didn't have computer access for a whole week (detox!) so I'll be catching up on my fav blogs, SCS, etc today then I'll post some stamped stuff later!

Have a great day everyone!
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Debi said...

Hi Vera, Love your blog!
I wanted to make a comment about your vacationing spot... just north of N Myrtle is an area called Caswell Beach and Oak Island. They are much slower paced than N Myrtle and we love it! My parents actually moved there upon retirement.
Check it out here >> or try