Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Finally! I got some scrapbooking done! Now that I've completed a page, I'm hungry to do more! The feeling of accomplishment and completion is intoxicating! So, now I've got my albums out and I'm looking for my next layout!

This layout highlights pics of my kids playing in our backyard when we first moved into our house. I love to look at these pics and see how much our home has changed. New drywall, new floors, etc. One of fun things about scrapbooks is looking back and seeing how much has changed! (like the new wrinkles on my face.... but I digress)

I still need to figure out how to take better pics of double layouts like this. I used my Canon Digital Rebel and the shot without the flash was the best, but it's still hard to stage a double layout compared to a card. If you have any tips on how to prop up layouts and take pics let me know!

Thanks for looking and I'll get some more pics up soon!

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Anonymous said...

They look like they are having so much fun! Great job

Tracy said...

i love it. it looks just wonderful - like how you used circles (for journaling) to play off the patterned paper. I hope you got to do more. i wish i had good advice about photographing the pages - you could do the whole scan and merge thingy but its so time consuming. these pictures are just a little outta focus - i still was able to get the idea. don't stop posting the layouts ok? i enjoy seeing your lovely cards and now pages. thanks!