Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Elusive Family Photo

Yesterday, we took a day trip into Blowing Rock, NC. The weather was beautiful, and we saw amazing Fall color on the trees. I thought I'd take the opportunity to get the Perfect Family Photo. Maybe I'd get lucky and get my photo Christmas cards done early!

Every year, I get everyone dressed up for the dreaded Family Photo. Lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth. DH has no patience, my children make funny faces to antagonize me, and I resort to threatening and bribing everyone to participate!

This photo was taken by my mom, and it's ok. I'm hoping that her camera has some good shots too. I didn't realize that the sun was in my face, but otherwise, the colors are really pretty.

I guess I'll dress up the kids later this month in their holiday attire and try again. Not sure if DH will go for it, but I'll keep trying to get the Perfect Family Photo!
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Pegg S said...

Gorgeous photo--it's like the perfect family photo - w/ a beautiful backdrop!

Rick said...

Great photo - you're going to love that one for a long time.

Wife2TJ said...

This came out beautifully!