Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A quick tag time!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in and say hi! Kittie tagged me also, so I wanted to say a virtual HI to her and respond to her tag.

This tag is another round of "7 Random Facts About Me" so I'll add a few more random facts about me that are holiday related.

1. I used to be so obsessive/compulsive about my holiday decorating. Everything had to match and coordinate. Now, I let the kids have at it and decorate however they want. Nothing matches and we have both white and colored lights on the tree. I think it looks great!

2. I am not at all creative at the holidays. I'm in too much of a hurry. I just use techniques and templates that I'm comfortable with and get it done fast! I always go back to my favorite stamp sets, City of David and Cold Play. Sorry, my holiday posts and photos will not be that creative!

3. Both my parents and my in-laws live within one hour of me! No traveling on the holidays!!! woo hoo!!!

4. I bought my own Christmas presents this year and last year. Last year, my hubby was in Iraq, and this year, he travels almost constantly, even on weekends sometimes. So, this year, I let him off the hook and I bought myself a coat and I'm getting plantation shutters. Works for me!

5. I did ask my husband to take me out on a real date for a Christmas present. He had to plan it all. None of this, 'where do you want to go?' 'I don't know, where do YOU want to go?' He has to do all of the planning and take me out like the good old days before we had kids.

6. I have red snowflake flannel pj's that I bought for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I wanted to look festive on the holiday video! (pathetic, huh?) I also buy my children cute pj's to wear on Christmas Eve so we all look festive on the Christmas morning video. I'm never sure what my husband will put on. He's the wild card in the family.

7. I would really like to have a Christmas where I don't hear about anyone else who has a tumor, or any type of cancer scare. I just hear the words tumor and cancer too many times these days. I just visited a friend today who had a HUGE tumor growing around her ovary. They removed it as well as her ovary and some other fibroid tumors. She's doing well fortunately, and another aquaintance of mine also had a recent scare, and she's recovering well. I'm praying for them both as well as their families that they both heal quickly and have a Merry Christmas!

I'm not sure who to tag at this point. I'll blog hop and see who has not been tagged. It's time for bedtime stories with the kids here. Night night!

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