Saturday, March 06, 2010

Congratulations LTC Matson!


My hubby was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel today. My son actually took this photo, thus, the blurry me! I didn't get any photos of the actual ceremony because I was standing up there with him, but someone was there taking pictures. I'm not sure who was taking the pictures, but the whole time, I was watching out of the corner of my eye wondering what settings he was using and cringing everytime his flash went off.

I really ought to get more pictures of my husband and me together. I cherish the photos we do have of us together.

So, if you're like me and never in the photos, hand the camera over the kids or another adult. Even if the photo is less than perfect, you'll cherish it!
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kabonkey said...

Congrats on the promotion!!! It's wonderful when we advance in life. My husband picked up his E-6 in November. I had made a dress for our 2 year old out of his ACU's so she can wear here daddys uniform. I had her wear it for the ceremony. Well, she figured out how to take it off while my husband was in the middle of his promotion. Then she ran around in her little white tights and dress shoes. Those are the moments I'm gonna miss when they get older.

Sandy said...

Congrats on your husband's promotion. Thank him for me, please for his service to our country. Thank YOU for the sacrifices you make when he is away.

NikonLady said...

Congratulations on his promotion. As a photographer for the Army (HOOAH!) I can tell you that if this was an official photographer -the images could turn out well. So, no worries - I hope!

I thank your husband, you and your family for all of your unselfish duty to our country and those of us that call it home. Even if we aren't there currently. :)