Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quick Gift and some cards!

My MIL is cooking on Thanksgiving Day so I thought I'd give her a little something to show my appreciation. I have a TON of Christmas paper lying around from past Michaels Slabs so I covered a Michaels wooden frame and had some leftovers to make 3x3's for future gifts.

I'm not particularly fond of Mod Podge, but this project was fairly quick and painless.

1. Measure your paper to fit on the frame. I work in thirds, so I picked a piece of paper for the top two thirds, and a piece for the bottom third. Trace out the center opening and trim the paper.

2. Paint the back and sides of the frame to match the paper if you'd like. I took my paper to Michaels to find a matching acryllic paint.

3. When the paint is dry apply a thin coat of modpodge to the frame and place your patterned paper onto the frame. When the mod podge is dry, use a sanding block to sand off any rough edges and to give a nice smooth edge. My favorite sanding block is one you get at a home improvement store.

4. Touch up with paint if you got a little crazy with the sanding. : )

5. Optional: add a top coat of mod podge if you'd like. I've done it with and without the top coat, and I prefer it without, but in my house, things get dirty and little fingers touch everything, so I'll top coat anything that goes in my house.

Click on the photo to see a closer look at the details if you'd like. I kept this frame pretty simple. I wanted the photo to be the star of the show on this frame.

Thanks for checking it out!
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Tex said...

Ohhh, she will LOVE this sweet token of "thanks"! (This comes from the annual t'day cook! *grin*) I can't think of anything better than a gift from the heart!

Carolyn King said...

It is beautiful!!! Love your frame and your work.

I will be visiting lots now.

Do you mind if i link you on my blog?

Hugs! Cammie

Becky Carafa said...

Great gift!

denise said...

Wow- gorgeous frame! She'll love it- you're the best DIL ever!