Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happiest Place On Earth!

We recently went to Disney for the first time, and it was AWESOME!!! Our first day, we went to Magic Kingdom and headed straight for Space Mountain. No lines, no waiting! As we exited the ride some cast members told us that we were winners of the Year of a Million Dreams giveaway, and they gave us these special Mickey ears. I'm not much of a hat girl, but I had to jump on the opportunity to get a family photo with our exclusive, not-available-in-any-stores Mickey ears! : )

A nice lady saw me balancing my camera on a trash can and offered to take a photo for me. So nice!

So, here's your gratuitous family photo! On a side note, I'm noticing that my husband looks huge compared to the rest of us. He's 6'4" and I'm only 5'1"! Figures I'd marry the tallest guy I knew! : ) Hopefully, my kids will come out somewhere in the middle!

More scrapbooking and card samples to come. I've got lots of layouts to photo and post!
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Carolina said...

Hi Vera, just wanted to stop by and say excited to join all you talented Great Swaps ladies.

Huge congrats on winning the Million Dreams giveaway...we were just there in February and we were so hoping to win, but we didn't. Great family photo - glad you were able to take one with your exclusive fun!

Cheers, Carolina