Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Checking in...

My last post was about our trip to Disney at the beginning of April.

Fast forward to now, and the excitement of the trip has worn off. Back to reality.

DH is still looking for a job, and we're in limbo as we wait to here if he'll be offered a job here, or one that would move us to Texas, and I just want to hide in my stamp room and escape from it all!

Sigh, I've got to go work. I've also got to finish prepping for a card buffet class tonight.

Serenity Now!!!! I really hope to get some time to take pics of my latest layouts and get them on the blog!

1 comment:

Carolina said...

Hi! Just dropping by to say hi and hope your card buffet class went well and keeping my fingers crossed for your hubby, hope a decision comes quickly for you all.