Sunday, April 22, 2007

Workin' Hard!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in and say hi! A few people emailed me and asked me about my Stamp Buffet class that I'm offerring later this week. This is a pic of my stamp room as a prep for this class.

Here's how the Stamp Buffet works:

1. I plan about 8 different cards. In this picture, I'm pulling out a wide variety of different styles of stamps, sentiments, colors, etc. Although I try to mix it up a bit, I can't seem to stay away from Certainly Celery!

2. I cut for a base number of cards for each card design, then I'm prepared to cut more on the spot if I need to. At the class, the participants have prepaid for a minimum of 10 cards to reserve their spot. Once they're at the class, they can make more cards if they'd like. Then, they just pay the difference at the end of the class if they end up making more than 10 cards.

3. It's called a Stamp Buffet because the participants can choose the cards they want to make. Normally, I offer Stamp a Stack classes with a preset number of cards, so this class offers more selection.

4. As for the design of each card, sometimes I go through my swaps for inspiration; sometimes the stamp set dictates the layout of the card; sometimes the patterned paper dictates the card design; you get the idea.

5. Finally, in my home, I'll have several tables set up depending on how many RSVP. I'll have these boxes lined up on another table. The participants will pick the box they want to work with and get to it. Then, they'll put the box back when they move on to another card. It's just like visiting the buffet at a restaurant!

This is what I'll be working on all day today! Hopefully, I can get to Sunday School and church too!

PS, notice the stack of extra lunch tins in the background. Teacher gifts for the end of the year maybe? So many projects....sigh....
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Dawn aka TreasureOiler said...

Wow a card buffet! I've never heard of that but it sounds fantastic!

Cheryl said...

You are one organized lady, Vera!! Sure wish I were a little closer to you so I could come to the buffet!
Thanks for posting. Hope all is going well for you.