Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tagged Again!

I've been tagged by the talented Linda over at her blog

Here's how this one goes, you answer these questions with one word answers. So, if you're out there reading and are game, check it out!

Yourself: blessed
Your Partner: Strong
Your Hair: frustrating
Your Mother: Inspiring
Your Father: Intelligent
Your Favorite Item: my car keys
Your Dream Last Night: don't remember
Your Favorite Drink: soda
Your Dream Car: luxury
Dream Home: Paid off : )
Room I am in Now: my stamp room
Your Fear: insecurity
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Security
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: family
You’re Not: perfect
One Wish List Item: stamps
The Last Thing You Did: awoke
You Are Wearing: Jammies
Your Favorite Weather: Rain
Your Favorite Book: bible
Last thing I ate: pie
Your Life: blessed
Your Mood: focused
Your Best Friend: Chris
What You Are Thinking About Right Now: club
Your Car: Honday
What Are You Doing At The Moment: Duh!
Relationship Status: Strong
What Is On Your TV: news
What Is The Weather Like: Rainy

Well that's my life right now. One word answers are tough for me because I tend to over explain things.

Yesterday, I finally did some much-needed gardening, and boy am I sore! My back is just cut out for weeding! : ) Today, I am finishing up my prep for my stamp club. I'll post those projects when they're all completed later today.

I guess now that I ought to tag other bloggers on this. I'm not sure who has not already been tagged, so I'll just leave it at that. See you later!